Competitive Pistol

And Shooting Club


Rifle Road, Monarto South


Club Secretary: 0408 803 581


CPSC Monarto is a

Target Shooting Pistol Club.

Our matches include

Air Pistol

Rim fire Pistols

Centre Fire Pistols

We shoot ISSF and Pistol Australia matches.


You can try pistol shooting without a firearms license so come out and give it a try


Competitive Pistol and Shooting Club, Monarto is located within the Monarto Shooting Complex. This is located at 52 Rifle Road, off Mountain View Road, Monarto South. The Complex is located approx. 4km from the South Eastern Freeway Monarto Interchange.


We shoot on 2 Saturdays per month so contact us and come out and have a try.


You can try Pistol Shooting without a firearms license. If you’d like to come out and give it a try you are welcome to, if you would like to take up the sport and get your H Class license our club has accredited trainers who can do all your training in house. Our club can assist you to obtain and maintain your H class Firearms License.


Please note; The Monarto Shooting complex is not a public range. You must be a member of a club or a visitor attending a programmed event to use the complex facilities.  The Monarto Shooting Complex consists of 5 clubs that cover all facets of shooting including Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Shooting.

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